Winter levels of service

When the weather is at its worst, our statewide Winter Level of Service Plan goes into effect. It establishes anti-icing/de-icing, sanding, and plowing priorities for state highways. Priorities are based on safety, the relative amounts of traffic that highways typically carry and the anticipated impact to commerce and industry.

The deicer placard on an ODOT truck.

There are five Statewide Levels of Service. Highways tagged for high-volume priority service are plowed first; medium and low volume highways are handled as soon as possible thereafter.

When winter weather hits, we work around the clock. But remember: our goal is keep roads passable, not completely free of ice and snow. During a one day storm, we may use approximately 600 trucks full of sand and 150 trucks of de-icer.

Clean up operations begin as bad weather clears. It normally takes 4-8 weeks to remove all the sanding material that was placed on the road.

ODOT’s winter maintenance practices may not reflect the practices used on county or city roads. Contact your city or county for that information.

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