Support and acceptance builds community

Crystal Stone
Crystal Stone is proud of her family’s ties to the community.

Crystal Stone’s family has lived in Northeast Portland for 90 years. The family has witnessed vast changes in the neighborhood over that time.

That’s just one reason why Stone is proud to work at Raimore Construction. Headquartered in Northeast Portland and committed to building the I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project, Raimore cultivates a culture that lets her bring her entire self—her “true, authentic, unapologetic self”—to work every single day. Before Raimore found her, she relied on code switching to navigate predominantly white spaces and experienced racism, as most people of color do.

“Working in an industry dominated by white men, Black women have to work twice as hard to get the same outcome as our peers,” she says. “The most challenging thing was deliberately not being acknowledged in meetings or being asked trivial questions to test my knowledge.”

Today, Stone is Raimore’s Office Manager, a role in which she supervises a team of administrative staff and oversees contracts large and small. “Math is my jam,” she says. 

Because her workload includes managing contracts, and Raimore’s approach to subcontracting is aimed at supporting and growing a wide swath of other businesses, she is regularly in a position to help businesses which might otherwise be overlooked and underutilized.

“The thing about larger contractors is they stick with who they know and what they know,” Stone says. “At Raimore, we work with smaller subcontractors and help them learn how to  navigate through the submission process, which includes monthly billings, compliance (certified payroll reports), insurance certificates and bonds. Just taking those extra little steps to help them be more efficient in their processes will ultimately help them be successful. That’s what Raimore does.”

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