Learning how to drive safely, in multiple languages

Taking a driver test

DMV’s Driving Manual can now be easily translated

Knowing the rules of the road is the most important part of being a licensed driver. Oregon DMV plays a pivotal role in traveler safety by ensuring that drivers have both the knowledge and skills they need to safely navigate the road. Prospective drivers and those new to Oregon rely on the Oregon Driver Manual to learn about Oregon laws and regulations and other aspects of driver safety.

Just like how our great state is rich and varied in the landscapes we see, so are the people that live here. This means that drivers who speak different languages are coming in to test at DMV offices every day. Previously, the Oregon Driver Manual was offered online only in English and Spanish, but recent changes have made the knowledge of safe driving available in a multitude of languages.  Browser translation tools like Google Translate now make it easy for users to translate web content into their preferred language. By pulling the information out of a PDF and onto a web page, we created a simple way for customers to use a translation feature in their web browser to read the manual in almost any language.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an estimated 15.4 percent of Oregonians over the age of 5 speak a language other than English at home. This is a significant percentage of our population! Creating access to important information in a customer’s preferred language can help improve understanding, and ultimately, create more knowledgeable drivers. It is a small change but one that can make a big difference in keeping our roads safe.