Have you heard about the ODOT Strategic Action Plan?

Three priorities lead the way: Equity, Modern Transportation System and Sufficient, Reliable Funding

I-5 in motion

The Oregon Transportation Commission and the Oregon Department of Transportation are committed to accelerating the development of a transportation system that is modern, reliable and serves all Oregonians in an efficient, environmentally responsible and safe manner. To that end, we’ve created a Strategic Action Plan that is guiding our work now and into the future so that we can maintain a system that seamlessly supports daily life and a strong, diverse statewide economy.

Oregon’s transportation system of the future will leverage innovation and technological advancement. It will offer a wide range of mobility choices to promote a healthy environment and to respond to the diverse mobility needs of those who use the transportation system, including those that the system has not served well in the past.

In order to create this system and meet the demands ahead, ODOT must evolve. We seek to build an organization focused on the future, responsive to the needs of communities across the state, accountable to itself and those it serves, and responsive to a constantly changing environment. The transformation we desire can only be achieved by securing adequate federal, state and local funding, effective partnering with the communities we serve, and timely completion of the outcomes we’ve identified in the Strategic Action Plan.

See the plan on our website and let us know what you think: SAP@odot.state.or.us.