Transportation Insights is a website designed to tell stories about Oregon’s transportation system. Written by the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Communication Team and subject matter experts from around the state, these stories go beyond the typical news release, program description or announcement posted on the ODOT website. They focus on the people, partnerships and innovative ideas that work to create and preserve an efficient and effective transportation system.

Transportation touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Whether traveling by train, plane, boat, car, truck, bus, bicycle or on foot, Oregonians and visitors rely on a safe and reliable transportation system. In Oregon, the transportation system is a multi-billion dollar investment in the people, the environment and the state we call “home.”

Read through the stories we post here and learn how we’re working together to provide a transportation system that balances environmental, economic and community objectives now and in the future.

About ODOT

ODOT, known until 1969 as the State Highway Department, began in 1913. In 1919, Oregon became the first state to enact a tax on fuel to fund transportation. Today, we have eight divisions working with public and private sector partners to provide a safe, efficient transportation system that supports economic opportunity and livable communities.