Work on OR 82 Minam Curve project resumes May 4

 Date: April 29, 2020         NR number: 20042915

MINAM, Ore. – ODOT’s contractor Tidewater Contractors, Inc., will resume work May 4 at the Minam Curve project along OR 82 about 20 miles east of Elgin. You can expect trucks and other equipment in the area with flaggers and pilot cars controlling traffic over the next couple months. The project that began in late 2018 will be completed by mid-July.

The project is eliminating the 25 mph hairpin Minam curve at milepost 30.8 and repairing erosion damage near milepost 32.6. Most of the excavation work for the curve realignment and erosion repairs were completed last year. This season, the new alignment will be paved and connected to the existing roadway, creating a safer 40 mph corner. 

The project will greatly improve safety and help protect the highway from erosion damage.

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