Tree journeys from Oregon to DC

Truck hauling tree in The Dalles
The tree stops in downtown The Dalles.

Oregonians are enjoying the Capitol Christmas Tree’s journey through Oregon as it heads to Washington D.C.

ODOT staff helped develop a safe route for the 72 foot Sweet Home Fir.

The tree came from the Willamette National Forest and will follow the Oregon Trail in reverse as it makes the 3,000 mile journey to the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. It’s the centerpiece of the Capitol’s holiday decorations.

This is the second time a tree from Oregon has been selected for this honor. ODOT photographers are capturing the tree’s journey through Oregon and the enthusiasm of communities as the bid the tree a safe trip.

Children welcome the tree with songs.
Children welcome the tree with songs.

When it arrives in DC, it will be decorated with 10,000 ornaments handmade in Oregon.

You can track the tree’s progress across country on the Willamette National Forest’s website.