Transportation Insights: Expanding economic opportunities for all Oregonians

It’s important that every Oregonian have economic opportunities, especially Black people and people of color. In this edition of Transportation Insights you’ll find stories about two men who are opening doors and expanding opportunities.

DeAngelo Moaning, Raimore Construction

Restoring lost opportunities

“We have to be willing to support each other and realize that this moment can transform our community, whether you decide to start as a pre-apprentice or begin a new business after years of working for somebody else,” said DeAngelo Moaning, with Raimore Construction. “We need people who look like us to carry the torch. The future of our workforce, our heritage really, is in the hands of the younger generation.”

Terrence Hayes

Workforce advocate is bridging the gap

“My process started with an individual who looked like me who told me that I can do it, and then it ended with an individual who didn’t look like me being intentional about not letting me fail,” said Terrence Hayes, with Raimore Construction, “which is a microcosm of what I think it takes for Black people to have more success at higher levels in the electrical field, or any trade career.”

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