Sandy Transit Facility

Located east of Gresham and about 25 miles from Portland, the city of Sandy experienced major population growth over the past two decades, stimulating the need for transit services for residents commuting to jobs within the region and the greater Portland area.

From 2000 to 2010, the city of Sandy achieved population growth of 77.7 percent. Sandy Transit also grew quickly, from one bus on one route, providing 77,000 rides in its first year (2000) to 11 vehicles on two commuter routes and one dial-a-ride service that provided more than 250,000 annual rides between 2007 and 2013.

A successful $800,000 grant from the first ConnectOregon program helped construct a $2 million joint Transit and Public Works Operations Facility. Completed in 2008, the center hosts the administrative and transit operations, maintenance, bus washing facilities and a park-and-ride. Buses also park at the facility in a secure gated lot with garages.

ConnectOregon helped provide the needed infrastructure to support the city’s transit system, connecting people to and from rural and suburban east Clackamas County with the greater Portland area as an alternative means of transportation to access employment.

Since construction, Clackamas County transit services have been enhanced with the expansion of drivers, routes, times and park and ride usage.

“Our facility grew into a hub of operations and maintenance for both Sandy Transit and Clackamas County’s expanded Mount Hood Express service, creating a network of connectivity that reaches as far as Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood,” says Transit Manager Andi Howell. “Our ridership has also grown more diverse. We now have as many riders coming to Sandy for work, recreation, shopping, school and medical services as we have riders using our transit service to travel outside our community.”

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  1. You guys might think about putting in a backup battery so there are blinking red lights when the power goes out at US HWY 26 where it intersects SE Ten Eyck Rd/Wolf Dr. The latest power outage nearly proved catastrophic in that regard.

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