Partners make TripCheck even more valuable during fires

TripCheck has always been a one-stop shop for traveler information, but never more so than when the devastating wildfires ravaged our state. And thanks to our local partners, such as cities, counties and tribes, the online traffic conditions website became even more valuable during the recent devastating wildfires – wherever you traveled across the state.

Why? Until April of 2019, we here at ODOT supplied all the information presented on TripCheck. Then, we launched an updated local entry portal to allow easier access for local agencies and municipalities to input road closures, weather hazards, construction and other roadway impacts.

We worked with Oregon State University on the new portal, called TripCheck Local Entry (TLE), and we have been seeing growth in use within the system since its launch.

Teaming up

When the wildfires hit in early September, local agencies added 233 events across the state – the highest ever in one month. In comparison, there were 53 events added in September 2019. Even more astounding was that TLE’s peak usage in a single day was 32,000 visits!

In addition to information being entered into TripCheck at a fever pitch, user consumption was also at an all-time high. In September 2020, TripCheck had 2.8 million visits. Compare that to a total of 598,350 visits in September 2019. The most impressive statistic, however, was the peak usage during the wildfire event: 270,000 visits in one day. That’s 11,250 visits per hour or 188 visits per minute!

Without our partnership with OSU, we wouldn’t have the amazing software that allows cities, counties and other organizations to supply and retrieve vital travel information.

“Our collaboration with OSU has resulted in new outlets to communicate with the public in innovative ways using established and proven methods,” said Brent Atkinson, ODOT Statewide Traveler Information coordinator. “In the case of the recent wildfires, our efforts reached hundreds of thousands of people who otherwise would have had to go to other websites to obtain information on local road closures.”

TripCheck has once again offered value to our customers – and it takes a team of us to make it the best, most reliable source of information. Of course, we’re always improving, but TripCheck will continue to be there for Oregonians well into the future.

Caption with Blue Box photo: A record number of entries from our local partners made TripCheck even more valuable to our users.