Orange cones signal summer in Oregon

Striping the highway
Striping the highway.

More than 100 construction projects on Oregon roads in July and August

Summer road construction is underway. With more than 100 projects occurring statewide and some especially big projects in the Portland and Eugene areas, including one of the biggest interchanges in the state, there is plenty going on to make our highways safer and better for all of us.

Our goal is to complete the work quickly while making sure workers and travelers stay safe. That means some temporary inconveniences such as closures and detours.

Construction map
2018 ODOT Summer Construction Project Map

There may be times when you can’t travel the route you are used to using, but you can stay ahead of the game by knowing what’s going on before you leave home.

Here’s how you can ‘Know before you go’

  • Our 2018 summer construction project map shows you where all of the projects are happening.
  • The award-winning provides 24/7 information on current closures and detours. You can save it as a favorite on your mobile device: It works just like an app.
  • Sign up for updates. You can get traffic alerts and construction updates delivered right to your inbox.
  • Follow @OregonDOT on Twitter for breaking news. In addition, we offer 50 automated TripCheck Twitter feeds for various areas of the state.
  • Read details about all of our projects on our website. Visit our project information page and search for specific projects or areas.
  • Stay informed through news outlets. We work hand-in-hand with Oregon radio and television stations and newspapers to share the latest information about highway projects.

What are we working on?

We’re addressing a number of areas this construction season.

Aging infrastructure: Preservation of our aging highways is vital to keeping Oregon moving. By resurfacing targeted areas, preserving bridges through cleaning, and replacing expansion joints and repairing concrete panels, we can extend the useful life of our roadways.

Striping the highway
Striping the highway.

Safety improvements: Replacing barriers, adding striping and rumble strips, updating lighting, and adding better, more accessible pedestrian walkways and ramps are just a few of the safety improvements contractors will work on this summer.

Signing and technology enhancements: Adding and replacing signs and upgrading technology make our transportation system smarter and easier to navigate.

Culvert replacement: Culverts have the important job of keeping water flowing and preventing flooding and washouts. We’ll replace dozens of aging culverts this summer.

Thank you for your patience and support. If we all hang in this together, we can get needed work done and keep Oregon moving.

Prepare for traffic challenges in Portland and Eugene

In the Portland area, we’re completing major highway repair projects on I-5, I-84 and I-205. That includes the highways, the connections between the highways, and some ramps. Areas will be fully or partially closed at times, both at night and during the day. One of the busiest interchanges in the state will close for repairs. The ramps that connect I-84 to I-5 will close 24 hours a day for up to two weeks at a time. Expect gridlock. Check for updates.

In Eugene, three major area highway projects will affect your travels this summer:

Most work will be done at night. Schedules may change and are weather dependent. Sections of Beltline will be closed in July and August.

What can you do?

  • Telecommute
  • Adjust your work schedule to avoid peak period of travel
  • Avoid the area
  • Take transit
  • Ride a bike
  • Take a vacation

Everyone is responsible for work zone safety

  • Think about your one and only job when you’re behind the wheel: driving. #DriveHealthy: Hands on the wheel, mind on the road. Put your phone in the glove compartment or hand it to a passenger.
  • When you’re a passenger, don’t let your driver drive distracted. Ask for their phone—you can answer, instead. Or put it in the glove compartment!
  • Pay attention all the time you’re driving, but especially when you see orange signs, barrels, cones and barricades.