OR 18 and OR 22 Design Concept — We want your feedback!

Map of OR 18 and OR 22 safety improvments design.

Project area map showing existing road, new highway alignment, new interchange and new frontage and backage roads for local connections.

visit the online open house

We want your feedback!

We have narrowed down the three top concepts to a single preferred concept. We have two upcoming events where you can join us to learn more, provide feedback and ask questions. 

Online Open House: August 16 – September 13

Visit our online open house to learn more about this project and see how your feedback has helped us refine the preferred design concept! Our goal is to improve safety and reduce congestion in the project area. Visit the online open house today!

virtual event

Virtual Event: September 9, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Join us at our virtual meeting to ask any of the questions you may have about the project and the preferred design concept. Learn more and register for the event by visiting the project webpage. 

Your participation is important to our process, join us to help make sure the solutions are right for your community!

About the project

We are looking at solutions to address safety, congestion and mobility on OR 18 from west of Spirit Mountain Casino to Fort Hill Road interchange and on OR 22 from the Valley Junction intersection north, past Kissing Rock.

This current planning and design process aims to:

  • Improve safety on OR 18 and OR 22.
  • Improve mobility along OR 18 and OR 22.
  • Support the community and economic development in the area.
  • Recommend improvements to keep this route usable in emergency situations.​

For more information

Brennan Burbank, Resident Engineer – Consultant Project
brennan.burbank@odot.state.or.us | 503-986-6922

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