ODOT News Release- Pedestrian safety, accessibility project begins this spring on Lithia Way

February 28, 2019                                                                  R3-06-19


ASHLAND – A pedestrian and accessibility improvement project will begin in March at the intersection of Lithia Way and Oak Street.

The project will improve pedestrian crosswalks at three legs of the Lithia Way/Oak Street intersection and relocate an existing driveway which conflicts with the northwest crosswalk. The project is supported by the City of Ashland.

The crosswalk improvements will bring the intersection into compliance with the Americans with Disability Act. One of the legs currently has a tall curb face.

Prior to the project beginning later in March, two trees will be removed to make way for the new driveway.

The project is currently out to bid, with expected award of the project in mid March. Construction is expected to begin shortly after with the entire project scheduled for completion in June.

ODOT is managing the project, even though it is in Ashland, since the agency has jurisdiction over Lithia Way and Main Street.



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