New Sisters to Bend shuttle improves access

Dixie Eckford
Dixie Eckford gets off the Shopper Shuttle

In early January, Dixie Eckford took the new, free Shopper Shuttle from Sisters to Bend to pick up some things at Trader Joe’s. It gives her a safe option for traveling in winter, she says. And when the pandemic risks subside, she’s especially excited about riding the bus into town to meet with friends.

“I hope Sisters residents of all ages will take advantage of this new free service,” says Eckford. In a new video, hear from her and others about the service, provided by Cascades East Transit.

“The shuttle will be particularly valuable to older adults and people who cannot or choose not to drive,” according to Theresa Conley, Regional Transit coordinator. “This is one of many great examples in central Oregon and around the state of new public transportation funding being used to increase access to transit in rural communities.”