Insights: EVs benefit from growing network and from road charging

EV high mpg

Good news, EV owners! Starting this month, our partner, EV Charging Solutions, is upgrading all 44 of the charging stations on the West Coast Electric Highway. and adding three new ones to the network. The effort will be complete by 2023, bringing the total upgraded or added charging ports to 100. Read more about what you can expect as ODOT prioritizes EV infrastructure.

PME culvert front

Nurture your culvert love

The lowly culvert keeps floods at bay, fish at play and so much more. Not as attractive as a Conde McCullough bridge, but certainly more abundant, more than 40,000 culverts play a critical role in keeping our roads safe and open. Taking care of culverts and bridges is part of modernizing the transportation system, a priority in ODOT’s Strategic Action Plan. Take a peek at these three brief videos that are sure to grow your culvert love!

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