Improvements Due at OR126/Tom McCall Roundabout

Improvements Due at OR126/Tom McCall Roundabout

August 7, 2019

For more information, contact Peter Murphy (, 541-388-6224

PRINEVILLE – With the benefit of a year of experience with traffic at the OR126/Tom McCall roundabout, ODOT engineers are making an overall safety and operational improvement.

When the roundabout opened in June of 2018, the design included “vertical” curbs.  Since that time, ODOT has determined that “mountable” curbing (”angled”) is a superior design, intended to better address the needs of the freight industry and better accommodate statewide driver expectations for safety.

With new information at hand, ODOT is responding to the needs of all motorists, and most notably freight truck drivers, at the intersection of OR126 and Tom McCall road near Prineville, by installing the new mountable curb.

Construction will take place beginning Wednesday, August 14 and will continue every Wednesday and Thursday night from 7 pm to 7am for approximately 4-5 weeks. 

ODOT is encouraging all drivers to take note of the new construction and drive accordingly while it is underway.  Motorists can look forward to a smoother, safer, drive when it is completed.

Know Before You Go: You can visit or call 511 for the latest road conditions