Flooding damages state highways

For a while, it looked like Oregon would be spared from winter weather’s wrath, but last week rain and rapidly melting snow resulted in severe flooding in the eastern part of the state.Flooding on I-84

We’ve put together some photos and videos from our crews on the ground in Umatilla County. Emergency responders, local public works agencies and others joined us in the response and repair efforts.

Events like this highlight the coordination, communication and collaboration that takes place on a daily basis. Every discipline is involved, and their efforts to manage an incident while providing timely and accurate traveler information goes a long way toward ensuring the safety of road users and responders alike.

Our crews and our partners are relentless and work extremely hard for long hours on major incidents. What sometimes goes unnoticed during these kinds of emergencies is that our staff must also contend with these difficult conditions at their homes while also helping the public.Responders assess road damage

We can all be proud of the effort displayed by everyone during these events. Thank you to our partners and local community efforts for continued support as we finish repairs and recover from the flooding.