Delta Highway to Interstate 105 ramp closes March 4

Ramp will remain entirely closed for eight weeks of construction

EUGENE — Beginning early morning, Wednesday, March 4, the southbound Delta Highway and Valley River Center onramp to westbound I-105 will close completely for eight weeks of construction. The ramp is scheduled to reopen at the end of April.

  • The detour from southbound Delta Highway will go to the Valley River Center offramp. Turn left over Delta Highway, then turn right and take Country Club Road back to westbound I-105.
  • Travelers should plan ahead to take a different route, go at different times, expect to take extra time, or take a different way and carpool, bus, walk or bike.

The westbound lanes of I-105 will remain closed for construction until mid-June. Both directions of traffic are in single lanes in the eastbound travel lanes. All lanes will be open from mid-June until late July for local events, then the eastbound lanes will close through the fall and both directions of traffic will be in single lanes in the westbound travel lanes.

Share the road by doing a zipper merge. A zipper merge is when both lanes are used all the way up to the merge point. Vehicles then take turns moving forward into the single open lane. Lines are shorter and traffic moves more smoothly.

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