Building the next generation of ODOT employees

Young woman in a bucket lift

At ODOT we’re always looking for the best and the brightest. We want today’s young people to think of ODOT when they think of future careers. That’s why we reach out to young people all across our state in a variety of ways.

Through hands-on learning opportunities like “Construction Day,” or partnerships with science and math programs at schools, kids are getting inspired while learning about the tremendous opportunities available in a transportation-related career.

For college students, internships help young people gain experience and inspire career choices.

Take a look at these videos; maybe you’ll get inspired to see what’s available at ODOT.

Learning trades, having fun in Baker City: Local high school students take part in Construction Day activities.

Creating a win-win solution with robots: Salem students partner with ODOT to put their skills to work.

From student to employee: Austin Plumbtree tells how participating in Construction Day a few years ago led him to work for ODOT.

STEM Day at school: ODOT volunteers help students uncover the fun in science, technology, engineering and math.

Career opportunities are growing

Transportation in Oregon is a multi-billion dollar investment in our people, our environment and our state.

Learning surveying

Almost every aspect of life is affected one way or another by transportation. With 96,000 square miles of land, we must have a safe, dependable system — and in Oregon, that includes highways, passenger and freight rail, public transit, air travel, ports, waterways and marinas, and non-motorized transportation, too.

Over the past several years, Oregonians have opted to invest in the state’s transportation infrastructure. This commitment to a sound transportation system is creating opportunities for engineers, planners, maintenance and construction workers, mechanics, customer service representatives, inspectors and other knowledgeable employees.

With a large part of our current workforce eligible to retire and a very strong labor market, it’s important to go beyond the job-posting and show people of all ages that ODOT is an interesting and rewarding place to work.