October 19, 2021

Oregon bridges score well in latest bridge condition report

Albany Bridge on U.S. 20
Albany Bridge at night.

Maintaining good bridges is critical to a strong economy and to preserving safe and reliable travel. ODOT’s 2017 Bridge Condition Report shows that, thanks to transportation investments, the 2,742 bridges on the state highway system are in pretty good shape.

Fewer than a quarter of state bridges are rated as distressed, meaning they have structural or other deficiencies that limit their function or require attention (note: any bridges deemed unsafe for travel are closed immediately).


Deteriorated bridges can impede mobility and force trucks to detour, costing businesses time and money. Measuring the current health of Oregon’s bridge population enables the Oregon Department of Transportation to track conditions over time to determine bridge rehabilitation and replacement needs.


The increased funding level from Keep Oregon Moving (HB 2017 passed by the 2017 Oregon Legislature) will help ensure that deteriorating bridges can be fixed before they impede safety or mobility.


For the first time, ODOT’s Bridge Condition Report includes information about bridge program accomplishments and the status of seismic work. About 80 percent of bridges on the state highway system are seismically vulnerable.

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