Badging for clear protection

Field badge says, "please maintain social distancing, six foot minimum."
This badge is helping field staff keep safe.

The creations from ODOT’s employees just keep coming! This one – an informative badge – originated with the team in our Eastern Oregon (Region 5) Construction Office but “made its way organically” to Region 3, according to Safety Manager Barbara Olds in Roseburg.

“[It’s] simple and effective for the field where we can’t post signs like we’ve done in our office hallways,” she said.

It started with Granite Construction and was shared by Mike Remily, P.E., resident engineer in our La Grande office.

“They provided the badge in the attached photo to all of their staff on one of my projects and gave one to my inspector,” said Remily. “He was wearing it when I visited him on a different project he is now working on with a different contractor. I thought it was a great idea.”

From there, the region began printing and laminating similar-looking badges rather than ordering them. The badge says, “Please maintain social distancing. 6 ft. minimum.” They are going to staff who spend time out in the field for attaching to their vests.

“Seems like an inexpensive and effective way to keep the message in front of everyone,” Remily said, and Region 3 agreed.

There, Office Specialist Rita Brown made some for those in the field.

“Innovative idea,” said South West Area Manager Chris Hunter. “Thanks for sharing.” CAPTION: This badge is helping field staff keep safe.