All lanes open for the holidays

Delta on-ramp to I-105

As the year comes to a close so do the second round of traffic impacts from the I-105 Bridge Preservation Project. Thank you for your patience. The first two of three phases of repairs and improvements to the I-105 bridges are done.

Meanwhile, the OR 569 Beltline/Delta Interchange Project is beginning. Most work with traffic impacts will be done at night and on weekends.

The first two completed project phases included ramp repairs, new guardrail, an obsolete bridge removal, bridge joint replacements, and deck paving.

What’s next

December 2019: seismic reinforcement work under the Washington and Jefferson Street Bridges, making the bridges stronger and less vulnerable to earthquakes.

February 2020: work begins on the Willamette River Bridge. Expect one travel lane for each direction over the bridge. Both directions of traffic will be on one side of the bridge while crews work on the other, as it was when the obsolete bridge was removed. The Delta Highway on-ramp to westbound I-105 will have a dedicated lane, so there will not be a second merge point. That should help westbound traffic flow better. Expect the route to remain the same until June. We have a new project video.

March 2020: The southbound Delta Highway on-ramp to westbound I-105 will be completely closed for 8 weeks. Like the other ramps, it will be resurfaced, the bridge rails will be replaced, and the ramp will be seismically reinforced.

Now’s the time to think about your travel plans and times, alternate routes, or a new transportation option to get where you need to go.

We’ve teamed with Point2point to help you with available transportation options. For more information, go to Lane Transit District’s Point2point or call 541-682-6110.

Transportation Options

The Interstate 105 (Washington/Jefferson Street Bridge) Bridge Preservation Project is bringing bridges and ramps between Delta Highway and downtown Eugene up to current standards. The bridges were built in the late 1960s and early 1970s and need repair and upgrades. Work includes new guardrail, deck paving, seismic retrofits, joint replacements, and other repairs.

Beltline/Delta Interchange Project

The Beltline/Delta Interchange Project has begun. This project improves safety and traffic flow by updating the interchange. Most work will be done at night and on weekends to limit impact to travelers. We have a video overview on this one too.

Improvements include a new overpass for traffic heading to westbound Beltline. The loop for eastbound Beltline to northbound Delta will be removed. Improvements will also be made to the other ramps. See the end result and how traffic will flow.

There will be some traffic changes, including ramp closures and detours. The project will last two years.

Beltline/Delta interchange looking north

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