Winter weather means all hands on deck

When Mother Nature brings winter weather to Oregon our employees are ready to respond. Recent snow and wind made things challenging for travelers in several parts of the state. Employees were ready to tackle the storms.

Clearing debris from the storm

Wind, sleet and snow took down trees in the southern Cascades. Employees had to clear the fallen trees and debris before they could even try to plow the deep snow.

In eastern Oregon, whiteout conditions reduced visibility to a few feet on I-84 east of Pendleton. Blowing snow and ice caused several highway closures.

Oregonians use social media to say ‘thanks’

Our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds were especially busy during the storm. Communications staff used social media channels to spread the word about road closures, detours and other warnings. Oregonians posted thanks and kudos.

“Hi. I just want to say that your crews are awesome. I was stuck around 10:30 p.m. after I had slid off the road and your snowplow drivers helped keep me safe and pulled me out of the ditch…” said Facebook user Anju.

“Thank you for working around the clock on I-84,” said Twitter user TJones.

“Keep safe out there ODOT and thanks for all you do,” said Instagram user Bailey76

Reviewing lessons learned and getting ready for the next round

snow plowEven before the last of the snow melts our crews are reviewing lessons learned, adjusting plans for the next season, making repairs to heavy equipment and working on improvements to, our 24/7 road condition and travel information website.

“Know before you go is our mantra,” says ODOT’s southern Oregon Spokesperson Gary Leaming. “Oregon’s weather can change quickly. Conditions can change dramatically in just a few miles – or even just around the corner.”

“I have three pieces of advice for travelers,” said ODOT’s central Oregon Spokesperson Peter Murphy. “Add to your favorites. Check the forecast before you leave and again on your way home. Carry an emergency kit.”