Thousands request appointments at DMV

38 DMV offices opened for in-person services (by appointment only) last week. Since then we’ve scheduled more than 21,000 appointments for services like driver license issuance, VIN inspections and more.

It’s been almost two months since Oregon DMV was asked to close our offices to in-person visits due to COVID-19. As Oregon gradually re-opens, DMV was allowed to begin offering in-person appointments. An online appointment tool walks people through a series of questions to help them determine if they need an appointment or if their transaction can be done online or through the mail. So far 86,000+ appointment requests have come through the system.  

DMV employees use the system to call customers and schedule appointments. When customers come to an office for their appointment, they find safety features and protocols designed to keep them and DMV staff safe.

DMV appointment“My son was able to get his driver’s license in 20 minutes yesterday. You all did a fantastic job making that happen for him and keeping him safe. Thank you!” said Lisa H.

“I was able to easily request an appointment online last night and someone very pleasant called me today and I have an appointment tomorrow morning,” said Michele H. “Thank you so much.”

We’re getting about 10,000 requests a day. We have 30,000+ people to call back and get scheduled. Thank you, Oregonians, for your patience and support as we work through the backlog. We want to take care of people as quickly as we can.