Striping season is here

Avoid wet paint. Give crews room.

“It’s wet paint, and it can most definitely color your vehicle.”

Wet paint sign

That’s what striping crew members hope drivers will remember as the season for putting stripes down on roads all over Oregon approaches.

A cute, internally produced public service announcement reminds motorists that there are consequences when you interact with wet paint. Photographs from a day of striping show in-depth the complexity of the activity – and hit home the importance of following the rules in a work zone:

  • Obey the signs! Orange is your clue to slow down and pay attention so you can move safely through the work zone. If the sign on the truck says, “Do not pass” – then please, don’t pass!
  • Schedule enough time to drive safely (be patient!). Call 5-1-1 or visit for the latest traffic, project and travel information.