Spring brings out the orange

Orange signal road work

Worker and son
Let's all go home safe.

Orange cones, barrels and signs – reminding us that road construction season has arrived. Many of us plan our routes, slow down for work zones, and expect delays. We know better roads are ahead. But there’s always someone who doesn’t. Doesn’t plan, doesn’t slow down, doesn’t expect delays.

Road workers and travelers are at high risk of injuries in work zone crashes. Often because someone is distracted, impaired, or driving too fast for the conditions. People get injured, killed. They don’t get home.

In Oregon, we averaged 555 work zone crashes a year between 2013 and 2017. That’s one every 16 hours.Sign: Workers next eight miles

We work with our partners continuously to enhance the safety of the traveling public, property owners, employees, and the workers who build, operate and maintain our transportation system. But we all play a role in each other’s safety.

May is Transportation Safety Awareness Month. It’s a chance to remind yourself and others to drive like you work here – like it’s your spouse, your relative or your friend is depending on YOU to keep them safe. In the end it could be your own life that is saved, and we want you to return home safe too.