Spotlighting performance

Inspecting a bridge for cracks

New website monitors, measures and reports on transportation investments

Keep Oregon Moving, transportation funding legislation passed by the 2017 Oregon Legislature, makes investments in local and state infrastructure. With those investments come transparency, accountability and performance requirements. Reporting on the condition of our roads and bridges and making that information public is one of those accountability measures.

Website serves as a hub for information

The new Transparency, Accountability and Performance website is where you’ll find information about –

  • Current and completed infrastructure construction projects.
  • Conditions of city and county owned bridges and roads.
  • City and county transportation spending reports.
  • City, county and Connect Oregon project websites.
  • Internal audit reports for ODOT.
  • Links to key performance measures, reports and more.

Report sets baseline for the future

The website features the 2019 Oregon Transportation Infrastructure Report, which presents a statewide view of key components of our transportation system. It is the first annual report from the Oregon Transportation Commission to the Oregon Legislature that summarizes data from cities and counties and combines it with state data to provide a comprehensive look at the condition of roads and bridges.Infrastructure infographic

This information provides the Oregon Transportation Commission and the Oregon Legislature with the opportunity to better understand the impact of Keep Oregon Moving investments over time.

The aggregated statewide data, captured in this initial report, will serve as a baseline for comparison going forward, to inform future conversations between the OTC and the legislature about additional investments needed to keep Oregon’s transportation system in a state of good repair.

The infographic on the right summarizes the data collected in the first phase of Keep Oregon Moving implementation.