Port of Morrow

Port of Morrow
Port of Morrow

The Port of Morrow, Oregon’s second-largest port, is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, strategically connected to all major transportation modes via Columbia River barges, the Union Pacific Railroad and interstate highways.

A $6 million ConnectOregon V grant helped fund a $12.1 million project to build a freezer warehouse and a rail transload facility (a 2,500-foot spur and switches) in the port’s East Beach Industrial Park to address a shortage of cold storage space.

Completed in 2015, the Port of Morrow’s public cold storage facility in Boardman features 45 million pounds of storage capacity and 110,000 square feet of zero-degree cold storage. The warehouse is strategically located in proximity to businesses needing services and infrastructure to keep transportation costs to the facility at a minimum.

The project proved vital for some of the largest employers in the Columbia River Basin—food companies like ConAgra Foods, Boardman Foods, Tillamook County Creamery Association, Calbee North America and the Oregon Potato Company.

“Cold storage space at the Port of Morrow is a critical part of the port’s infrastructure to utilize the intermodal transportation benefits of the port’s strategic location,” says Gary Neal, general manager for the Port of Morrow.

After the June 2015 grand opening, the warehouse was full by August. Responding to requests for more space, port management launched an expansion project in spring 2016 to double the warehouse size to 220,000 square feet with holdings increasing to about 85 million pounds. Dry storage will also be part of the phase II expansion project.

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