Innovation alive and well in ODOT’s Region 5

An innovation in ODOT’s Baker Maintenance shop is helping keep workers safe.

“When we all walk in the front door in the morning, everyone is touching the same door handle,” Allen Jensen, ODOT’s Baker/Richland Transportation Maintenance manager, said recently. In light of COVID-19 and our efforts to reduce the potential to spread it, crew members jumped in with ideas to solve the dilemma.

“Attached is a picture of what we came up with in Baker to try to help fix the problem,” Jensen explained. “The handle extension allows you to pull open the door with your arm and not touch the handle with your hands. Not sure how much it will help, but something is better than nothing!”

ODOT Region 5 Manager Craig Sipp is, of course, very pleased with the crew and their initiative in creating this tool in their shop.

“Baker Maintenance is quite ingenious,” Sipp said.

Jensen said it’s working out well so far. The innovation is inspiring others, and he’s been taking calls from all across the agency.

“I’m happy to help if I can.”