How do preservation projects get chosen?

Contractors working on Oregon 62

Maintaining and preserving Oregon’s transportation is a high priority for ODOT. Contractors working on Oregon 62Based on over 2,000 responses to an online survey and open house last fall, we know you agree. Public opinion strongly prioritized investments in preservation and safety.

Funding for transportation projects comes from a combination of state and federal money called the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program or STIP. Projects that fix or preserve the state’s transportation system, including bridges, pavement, culverts, traffic signals are called Fix-It projects.

Our Fix-It Program is responsible for keeping state highways in good repair, and it’s the largest single category of funding— more than $800 million over three years (2022-2024) in the STIP we’re currently developing.

ODOT selects projects by using a combination of data collection and analysis, engineering expertise, community needs and available funding. To demonstrate how we pick the best projects, we created a video about our Fix-It Program featuring our own engineers and program experts explaining what criteria they use to make decisions.

Oregon's Fix-It Transportation Project ProcessWe also made an infographic illustrating the STIP cycle.

We are committed to keeping you informed on the STIP process. For more information, visit ODOT’s STIP website and sign up for updates via email.