From our Family to Yours, have a Safe and Happy New Year

ODOT workers
Members of our Portland area teams.
ODOT workers
Members of our Portland area teams.

We’re a family at the Oregon Department of Transportation. Whether we’re helping a customer at a local DMV or dispatching a crew to the scene of a crash, we all share a sense of purpose. We do our jobs because we love our state and enjoy serving Oregonians. We also share a set of values, with safety being one of the most important.

Safety is a factor in everything we do

We live and breathe safety at ODOT. Our Motor Carrier staff’s inspections help to ensure that commercial vehicles are operating safely. Our planning staff help communities plan for safe transportation systems. Our engineers ensure that contractors incorporate work zone safety into every construction project. And of course our most visible staff, our maintenance workers and incident responders, help to make sure Oregonians can travel safely around the state.

Events like winter storms, this summer’s eclipse and the recent fuel tanker crash on Oregon 22 near Idanha highlight the coordination, communication and collaboration that takes place on a daily basis between all of our field responders and dispatch staff across the state. Every discipline is involved, and their efforts to manage an incident while providing timely and accurate traveler information goes a long way toward ensuring the safety of road users and responders alike.

ODOT incident responder.
ODOT incident responder.

“Our crews and their local police and public works partners are relentless and work extremely hard for long hours on major incidents,” said David Warren, District 5 manager. “What sometimes goes unnoticed during these kinds of emergencies is that our staff must also contend with these difficult conditions at their homes while also helping the public. We can all be proud of the effort displayed by everyone during these events.”

The dedication and caring evident in this kind of work is amazing, and these are just the most visible ways ODOT folks take care of Oregon.

How can you help?

We all are responsible for safety. Whether we’re driving, riding a bike, taking transit or walking, we have to look out for ourselves and each other. There are some simple things you can do:

  • Make safety a top priority. Travel safely. #DriveHealthy, #DriveSober, #BeVisible.
  • Support incident responders. Give responders space – #MoveOverSlowDown. Follow the Oregon Traffic Incident Management group on Facebook. Watch a video about incident response.
  • Be patient. It can take hours and sometime days to re-open a road after a serious crash or natural disaster. Use to check conditions. The site is updated as information is available. You can learn more about what it takes to clear a major crash from this fact sheet.
    ODOT flagger
    Flagging people through a crash area.

Travel safely and enjoy the holiday season

From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy New Year. Thank you.