Crews make upgrades during highway closure

We've made repairs to the Historic Columbia River Highway “Waterfall Corridor.”

Historic Columbia River Highway “Waterfall Corridor”
Repairs to the Historic Columbia River Highway “Waterfall Corridor”

Your next trip through the Historic Columbia River Highway “Waterfall Corridor” – the section of Historic Highway between Larch Mountain Road and Ainsworth State Park – will be full of improvements to make the ride safer and even more enjoyable.

The highway has been closed since the end of March, giving our crews uninterrupted time to catch up on annual and deferred maintenance activities. Crews completed many upgrades, including:

  • Inspecting bridges on the highway, including Latourell and Bridal Veil bridges.
  • Repairing sections of damaged railing on the I-84 overpass on Exit 28 (Bridal Veil).
  • Repairing damaged concrete railings and walls on the viaducts on either side of Multnomah Falls. Crews were careful to match the color of the concrete to reduce visual impacts.
  • Rebuilding a section of masonry wall at Shepperd’s Dell that was damaged by hazard tree removal earlier in the spring.
  • Replacing decorative spindles on the bridge at Shepperd’s Dell.
  • Mowing and brush-clearing.
  • Replacing and enlarging a culvert near the location where we closed the highway last winter due to a mudslide. The existing culvert was undersized and damaged, and the new culvert will help reduce future incidents.
  • Installing speed limit signs and length limit restriction signs from Corbett to Ainsworth. The slower speeds and length restrictions are now enforceable. Speeds starting east of Corbett are now 40 mph, and the length limit for all vehicles has been reduced from 50 feet to 35 feet between Larch Mountain Road and Ainsworth State Park.

We hope you’ll continue to be safe driving this and every road in Oregon, and remember, watch out and slow down for bicyclists and pedestrians.